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Pavan is an award-winning lens based artist, musician and actor with roots in the university town of Mysore, India.

His recent works from the series ‘There’s Still Life’ which took birth during the lockdown, was part of two shows 'Believing the Unbelievable' and 'Unlocking the object - II' for The Art Platform India. This series can also be viewed on his Instagram page. He has also been working on the ‘Portrait of a Life’ series, from the past three years.

His previous solo show titled ‘Kusti’ was exhibited at the Kala Ghoda arts festival, Mumbai in February 2015. This series was earlier exhibited at EcoQuest gallery and at Rangayana, in Mysore in September 2013. Some of the works from the series were also published in Tasveer Journal.

Pavan’s first solo exhibition was of his works series “Junkyard” at Sumukha Art Gallery, Bangalore in 2009. Photographs from his Traces series were exhibited at Harmony Art Show in 2008 in Mumbai.

A graduate of Mysore’s Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts, Pavan has won Dasara award, and an all-India level still-life photography award from Better Photography magazine.

He is the co-founder of Studio Kitki, a creative communication and digital design studio.

Pavan’s ability to bring his creative flair to the demands of the controlled environments of modern commercial photography has won him many prestigious assignments. Perhaps the biggest trait of him is passion and generosity to share his love of his art. He is a visiting faculty at Mysore's premier architecture institute, Wadiyar Centre for Architecture. He is also a visiting faculty at L. V. Prasad Film Institute, Bangalore. He has conducted workshops, done jury duty on photography competitions and is constantly looking to engage photography enthusiasts on his Instagram page.

Pavan loves to travel and in addition to photography, his love of music as music director for theatre productions and radio programs, he was the former founding member, percussionist and singer with the folk fusion band Swarathma

He is also an accomplished actor. He has acted in the blockbuster kannada feature film ‘U Turn’ and national award winning and critically acclaimed film 'Nathicharami'. Both of which are streaming on Netflix.

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